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Puppy problems: toilet training

By Sarah Groves Dog Training: your puppy training specialist covering Neath, Port Talbot and Swansea

One of the most common toilet training statements I hear:

'I take him out to the toilet, stand there for half an hour and he just comes back inside to go!'

Toilet training can be a frustrating time for many owners, especially if the above statement rings true for you.

Here are some of my top tips for tackling toilet training troubles!

Tip #1 - get rid of the puppy pads!

Puppy pads are probably one of the first items most pet parents get when they bring a pup home - however most of the time there is just no need for them!

Infact, using puppy pads can delay the toilet training process and will teach your pup that going inside is OK.

Not only that, once your pup learns to seek out a puppy pad, they can also start assuming that any rug or mat in the house is also toilet.

Instead of using puppy pads, take your puppy outside to the toilet as often as you can, just to give LOADS of opportunity to do the right thing.

Puppies pee A LOT! So initially you may need to take your pup out once an hour until you find the right schedule.

Tip #2 - Reward the behaviours you like seeing

When you take your puppy outside to go toilet, you may be standing there for a while!

Keep some of your pup's own food allowance in your pocket so that you have the chance to give lots of praise and a piece of food once puppy has gone in the right place.

This will make your pup want to go there again.

Tip #3 - if puppy goes in the wrong place....

As frustrating as it is, we do not want to make ANY big deal about puppy going to the toilet in the wrong place.

Pups who get told off for going to the toilet in the wrong place will still continue going to the toilet inside, but this time they will quickly learn to not go in front of you, so will find hiding spots.

This will further hinder the toilet training experience as they will also want to avoid going infront of you when they're in the garden.

Some pups are super sensitive, so even if you're not telling your pup off and muttering to yourself 'oh not again!' can either excite the pup and make them want to go inside again in the future, or make them not want to go infront of you.

Tip #4 - use disnfectant especially designed for dog wee

Normal household disinfectants won't quite do the job when it comes to cleaning up. This is because they don't contain the enzymes to neutralise the bacteria that causes the smell for the pup to repeat mark.

Avoid using bleach on your kitchen floor or any disinfectant that contains bleaching agents - this will encourage the pup to go back there again because bleach smells strong of ammonia.

Pop to your local pet shop to find a pet disinfectant to cleanwhere your pup has gone.

Tip #5 - Look out for body language and signs your pup needs to go

You will find your own pup's signs, but before going to the toilet you may find your pup getting slightly distracted, sniffing the floor and wandering off to find somewhere to go.

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