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The Puppy Skill Up Hub!

Puppy Solutions - The Essentials

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Learn all of the foundation skills from the comfort of your own home at The Puppy Skill Up Hub!

What's covered in this module?

Puppy Biting - the number one puppy concern! Why puppies will bite and what you can do TODAY to help!

Enrichment - how you can keep your puppy's mind active to prevent boredom and promote calm.

The 6 weeks of Puppy Training School exercises - learn all of the core fundamental key practical skills including sit, lie down, recall, loose lead walking, go to bed, stay, leave it and more!

BONUS! Join the community of likeminded puppy owners with The Puppy Skill Up Hub Facebook group.

This is a safe space to ask questions, find useful links, and a space where I will be popping in on Facebook Live to give extra hints, tips, advice and training exercises.


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