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SOS Puppy Problems UNLEASHED!


The new owners guide - reduce stress, gain control!

Socialisation Bundle


Learn more about Socialisation and what you can do NOW tpo give your puppy a head start!

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Puppy Solutions - The Essentials at The Puppy Skill Up Hub!


This course is IDEAL for everyone with a puppy under the age of 18 months old!

Work at home at a pace which suits you!

In this module you will learn:

- Why puppies bite and what you can do to help

- Enrichment - what is enrichment and what you can do to get a calmer puppy

- Learn how to teach your puppy all of the core fundamental key practical skills including sit, lie down, grabbing attention, recall, loose lead walking, go to bed, stay, leave it and tricks....

And more!

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Sexier Than A Squirrel 25 Day Challenge!


Does your dog IGNORE you when you go out?

Are you FED UP of being dragged down the street, or worried about letting your dog off lead?

Do you want more control and confidence on a walk?

This is the PERFECT challenge for you!

We have teamed up with Absolute Dogs to give you SEXIER THAN A SQUIRREL 25 DAY CHALLENGE!

The Sexier Than A Squirrel Challenge teaches your dog how to disengage from the environment and engage with you, power up your recall, loose lead walking and have fun in 3 minute sessions a day!