Trick Training - Online

Have fun with your dog from the comfort of your own home with this four week trick training online course via video link!

During this COVID-19 outbreak, you may be stuck at home, unable to entertain your dog outdoors, but that doesn't mean your dog should go without mental stimulation and training fun.

Teaching new tricks and just as little as 10 minutes of training can help with providing your dog with mental stimualtion, keeping them happy, tired and fulfilled.

A great activity for all of the family, why not get the kids involved too - and give them a productive outlet while out of school.

During the 4 weeks, you will learn a variety of tricks, some just for fun, and some which will help in real life situations.

Tricks learned include:

Middle - a fun trick for your dog, which can build focus and help with recall training

Back up



Go around an object

Shut/push a door/draw

Take an object

Fetch an object

Drop an object

(teaching take/fetch and drop are the skills required to teaching the 'put your toys away' trick)


'BANG' (rollover on to back)

Open a door

and much more!

There is an endless supply of tricks which can be taught, so once you are finished with the first 4 weeks, you will be invited to continue a second 4 weeks at a discounted price to continue learning online.

You will also be invited to join a facebook group where you will find useful links/aricles/videos, where you ask questions about your dogs and post updates of your training progress.

Trick Training Online classes take place every Saturday at 2.30pm