Puppy Step Up - life skills training

A follow up to the 6 weeks of Puppy Training School

Four weeks of life skills training sessions taking everything you have learned in the 6 weeks of Puppy Training School out and about to build around other dogs and owners.
The aim of these sessions is to help build focus with your dog in the higher distraction enviornments, while working with your individual challenges.
Maximum 4 dogs per class

Walking with Dogs
Training a Puppy

Practice makes perfect!


Over the 4 weeks:

Build focus

Practice recall

Continue loose lead walking

Learn new skills

Puppy Step Up - Neath Port Talbot area
Oct 24, 9:30 AM
Gnoll Park,
Puppy Step Up - Swansea
Oct 23, 11:00 AM
Morriston Park,
Vickarage road, Morriston

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