Puppy Training School

Home schooling for your puppy under the age of 18 months old

Six weeks of training lessons, once a week for around an hour using zoom video link.

These classes cover all of the foundation key skills required to build a happy, healthy and all round well trained family dog.

Classes will take place live, so you will be learning with others and a trainer who will be able to answer all of your puppy queries and guide you to learn how to teach your pup all of the skills listed below.

Once you have signed up, you will be emailled the link to join the class on your chosen day, along with an invitiation to join a private facebook community group - a safe space for you share updates of your puppy's progress, ask questions and find useful links.

Puppy Training School is a part of The Puppy Solutions Program - a comprehensive training program designed for young pups under the age of 18 months old. Click here for more details.

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Using reward based training methods, you and your puppy will learn...

Week 1

  • How to manage common puppy problems such as teething/mouthing and toilet training

  • The importance of mental stimulation and how this can be provided

  • Why food is used in dog training

  • Clicker training - what is clicker training and how does it work

  • Using hand signals and body language

  • How to teach Sit building on duration

  • How to teach lie down

Week 2

  • Recap of week 1

  • Building duration of a lie down

  • How to teach recall

  • Learn a new trick

Week 3

  • Loose lead walking

  • Walking equipment

  • Go to bed

Week 4

  • Recap on go to bed

  • Stay

  • Recall trick 'Middle'

Week 5

  • Middle continued

  • Stay continued

  • Leave it

Week 6

Leave it continued

Target training

'FIND IT!' scentwork game

Certificates to be emailled at the end of the 6 weeks