Online training classes

via video link

Online training classes via video link are designed to replace physical training classes at a community centre during the COVID-19 outbreak

These classes allow you and your dog to continue learning and training within the comfort of your own home.

Classes which will be continuing in this way includes

Puppy Training School

Trick Training Classes

How it works

Once you have booked your space for your chosen class, you be sent a link  to a video conferening website via email, text or facebook message. If you click on the link on the day and time of the scheduled class, it will take you to the live video chat where you will be able to see mself and your classmates.

There will be no need to create an account on the video chat website in advance.

The class will last around 45 minutes to an hour as normal. There will be around 5 dog owners per video call. During the time, I will explain the tasks given for that day, I will show you how to teach with my dog and then will ask you to start practising. I will then be able to make suggestions of improvements during this time.

You will also be invited to a facebook group for owners participating in these classes, where you can post updates of your progress in between class, and find helpful advice and support.

Please have ready -

Your phone or laptop/tablet with enough battery to last the session

Treats for your dog

A table and something to prompt your phone or tablet up

Puppy Training School - Online

A six week course for pups under the age of 18 months old

£60 for 6 weeks of training

Trick Training classes - Online

Fun for the whole family - keep your dog mentally stimulated with fun new tricks

A four week course for dogs of all ages

£40 for 4 weeks of training

Puppy Improvers-


A six week follow up course for anyone who has previously attended 6 weeks of Puppy Training School