Online video training and behaviour advice

Online training advice via Skype, Facebook or Whatsapp can be beneficial for anyone who is looking for personalised training advice, and may not be able to attend physical training classes or have one to one training at your home.

During the current COVID-19 outbreak, you may be self isolating or social distancing, but this doesn't mean your dog should fall behind on training. Infact, this is a perfect opprtunity to teach your dog new skills, keeping yourself and your dog mentally stilumated if you are unable to go outside.

Face to face online consultations can help with:

Puppy training

Puppy training advice will include common puppy problems which most owners face, including teething/mouthing, toilet training, knowing own name, recall, socialisation and more!


Pre puppy advice

Pre puppy advice can help for anyone who is looking to get a pup in the future, and looking to get the best advice before your pup's first night at home.


Training/behaviour queries and concerns for dogs of all ages

How to keep your dog mentally stimulated and entertained during times of isolation

Keeping your dog mentally stimulated through training and games is a fantastic way of keeping them happy and tired when you are unable to take them out for a daily walk

and much more!

For just £42 you will get

1 hour online face to face consultation

A follow up session lasting upto an hour discussing your progress

A written outline of the consultation, which can be emailled to you on the same day

This includes:

Advice given during consultation

Recommendations of equipment

useful links to articles/videos relating to your concern

Step by step 'how to teach' guide for any practical training required

Any additional sessions will cost £22 after the initial consult and follow up

To arrange your, please get in touch!



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'I have arranged an appointment with Sarah for the inital consult and would like to pay £42 to secure the space'

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