One to one training

One to one training can help if you are only looking to focus on specific elements of your dog's training needs such as:

  • Building on recall

  • Teaching how to walk on a lead

  • Jumping up

  • Building focus and attention inside or outside of the house

  • General obedience

  • General listening

  • Puppy mouthing

  • Toilet training

  • And much more!

Dog Walker

COVID 19 one to one training procedure

Coming into effect from 13th July, 2020

In order to keep everyone safe during one to one training sessions, the following procedures will take place

1. Video link consultation

First appointment to be made via video link

This initial consultation is to cut down on face to face meeting time. This time will be used to gather as much information as possible about you, your dog, your training needs and equipment/treats you may need to buy before the face to face meeting. We will also discuss any other changes you may need to make in order to see improvements in your dog's behaviour.

2. Face to face training

Second appontment to be made for face to face meeting

In order to complay with social disatancing measures, your face to face training meeting will take place outdoors in an area close to your home. If you have access to your garden via a back gate which doesn't involve going through your home, this can also be considered as a safe meeting space. Please ensure your dog is on a lead at all times during training sessions unless instructed otherwise.

3. Email support

Post meeting email

During the initial video link consult and the face to face meeting, notes will be taken on what has been advised and the training steps to  be made. These notes will then be written up into an email and sent to you within 24 hours of the  face to face meeting


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