Back to Basics


Beginners class

Run by qualified dog trainer Sarah Groves, Back to Basics for beginners class is designed for dogs of all ages who may want to improve on skills previously learned or start from scratch with learning new skills.

During the 6 weeks you will learn how to use reward based training methods to teach your dog the following skills:


Sit/down/stand (improving on duration of sit/down if your dog alrerady knows this)

Loose lead walking

Go to bed




No jumping

Look at me

and more!


Teaching new skills is a fantastic way of providing your dog with mental stimulation - keeping them happy and out of trouble.

Please note - classes may not be a good learning environment for very nervous dogs or any dog who is currently not happy to be around other dogs and people. If your dog is very nervous and is too stressed to learn in a class environment, then one to one training will be advised instead. If you are unsure whether your dog is suitable for classes, please call 07891222454 or email to discuss further.

The next set of classes will begin -


What to bring

Please bring your dogs favourite treats - ideally something meaty like chicken to help motivate your dog in a distracting environment like classes.


All dogs should have a harness or a flat collar and lead.


Please note:

Flexi/extendable leads are not advised as they can be dangerous.


Choke chains and slip leads are not advised as they can cause harm to a dog.


In the case of an accident, poo bags/disinfectant and roll will be provided


Water will be provided