Puppy Training School

Vernon Place Community Hub

(Previously llansawel primary school, Briton Ferry)

A 6 week training course designed for puppies under the age of 6 months old

By using reward based training methods, you and your puppy will learn a variety of new skills to help your pup grow into a confident, happy and well  trained family dog!

What we will cover

- How a dog learns new skills - the science of dog training

- The importance of mental stimulation

- Socialisation - what is it and why is it so important

- Biting/teething/mouthing

- Toilet training

- Knowing own name and recall

- Walking on a lead

- Sit, down, stand

- Look at me

- Go to mat/bed/blanket

- Brain games to keep your puppy entertained

- No jumping

- Leave it

- Tricks

What to bring

- Puppy Training School uses reward based training methods, so please bring along some of your dogs favourite treats. Training treats can be provided

- If you have a clicker, please bring it along. If not, a clicker can be provided when required.

- Your puppy should be brought on a flat collar or harness with a lead. We do not advocate the use of choke chains, and discourage the use of slip leads

- Water will be provided