Adolescent dogs

Just when you think the worst is over with puppy training, you have mastered all of the basics, and recall is almost to the standard you want -  adolescence hits. This is an awkward and frustrating time for many owners and dogs, and can start any time from around 5 months old and can end as late as 2 years old, maybe later, depending on the individual.

During this time your dog is going through many physoiological changes, preparing him for adulthood. Unfortunately this awkward 'teeneage' phase can set training backwards for many, with what appears to be a loss of recall, attention and most things you have taught up until now.

The good thing is, this stage doesnt last forever. Experience on this stage can vary, but generally the more you have done with your dog as a pup the easier this stage can be, and pushing through time will become easier if you take a step back and go back to basics.

Common problems which most owners face during adolescence include

Jumping up

A loss of attention/focus

Generally not listeneing to cues previously learned

Recall gets worse

Pulling on the lead

Easily distracted by the envrionemts

Some dogs can become fearful of unusual/new situations

If you have concerns about the behaviour of your adolescent dog, please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss the best options for you.

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